First Blog Post!

Welcome to my first blog post! 

Did your curiosity to find something different bring you here? That is what led me to this point.

I was wondering why all speakers look so similar. There was a lot of great style from the 40's to the 60's but with the invention of solid state, machine manufacturing and plastic molds, speakers became the same. Even with the technology leap of wireless, the designs have stayed relatively stagnant. 

Two solutions were born. The idea to upgrade the internal components of an older antique radio was already there, but to seriously upgrade the sound to hi-fi standards and really take this to a new level was missing. I decided to focus on this part. Learning how high end speakers are built and the materials used, I was able to create high quality sound with that old school look and feel. 

Great! What a solution! Works great, but there is still something missing. Although the antique radios looked great, stylish and warm, they were still radios. I decided to take matters into my own creative mind and hands. Combine a design that has been around for years with a design that blends and you have the side table speaker.

This design uncovered something unexpected. Because of the omni-directional setup it fills a room so perfectly you can barely tell the source. With this discovery, new ideas were born. 

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