About Us

Beck + Adele was created with an objective: Change the look of sound. The name is derived from the middle names of the owner and his wife.

Jeff Jenkins, the craftsman behind Beck + Adele, has always loved music and all things audio. It is important to him to have great speakers, but Jeff's wife, an interior design expert and blogger, was not interested in having unappealing audio equipment made of cheap plastic in the house. Jeff agreed and decided to come up with a solution.

He began designing and building speakers that sounded great and you could proudly display in any home. Beck + Adele speakers are as much a part of a room as any other piece of furniture. They are functional and they make a statement.

Jeff has woodworking in his family; both his father and his grandfather were woodworkers. All Beck + Adele speakers are still handmade on his grandfather's work bench using solid wood and old school build methods. They are built with care, built to last, and built to look beautiful.

An old school woodworking workbench with tools hung on the wall. This is where all Beck + Adele speakers are made.