Custom Work

Do you like the Beck + Adele style, but you aren't finding the exact thing you are looking for? Let's try and make something happen! Beck + Adele does custom design and builds to match your needs.

Antique Radios

Antique radios come in all shapes and sizes and lots of them look very cool. Sometimes to change the look of audio, you have to turn back the clock and appreciate a time when audio already looked great.

Beck + Adele will clean up vintage radios and upgrade the components to make them fully functioning Bluetooth speakers. Since our stock of speakers is entirely dependent on what we have been able to get our hands on, our inventory is constantly changing.

If you are interested in a custom Beck + Adele speaker or one of our antique radios, CONTACT US.

Northern Electric Radios Upgraded With Bluetooth SpeakersPhoto Credit: Becca Wallace